Manual and automatic bollards provide ideal security for smaller businesses or retail units where space is limited but the need for protection against ram-raiding is essential. Hydraulically operated automatic bollards are ideal lower cost alternatives to road blockers: technically advanced and extremely robust, automatic bollards can safely control access to locations that need a disappearing ground device, such as pedestrian areas, car parks and loading bays.


  • Choice of manual and automatic electro-hydraulic bollards
  • Manual bollards available in permanent or temporary position variations
  • Available up to a height of 900 millimeters
  • Raising / lowering time of only 3 seconds and capable of over 1000 movements per day
  • Available in a range of colour-coded enamel paint finishes or in standard galvanized steel finish

Access Control Interface

Automatic bollards can be fitted with a multi-function logic system, enabling interface with a range of access control systems such as:

  • Card swipe systems
  • Coin/token systems
  • Digital keypads
  • Induction loops
  • Proximity readers
  • Push button or remote control
  • Optional Accessories

Our manual and automatic bollards can be fitted with a range of optional extras to suit your exact needs, including flashing lights for additional safety.