Bespoke Systems

We design and provide CCTV systems to fit all applications: small corner shops, office blocks, colleges, hospitals, distribution Centres, multiple sites, manufacturing plants etc…

We can work with you to identify your security needs and objectives, and develop a system to answer them. BDI Security Solutions Ltd will also help ensure you meet your legal obligations.

BDI Security Solutions Ltd is a total, entrance-to-exit, supplier of security systems, from cameras and lenses, to matrix systems, digital recorders, monitors and network interface units. Incorporating the latest advances in digital technology, our array of security products is both a certain and rapid response to the needs of our times and a resource which answers the needs of security systems users. We have achieved a distinguished standard within our industry with a highly skilled and experienced workforce and a diverse range of quality products and services that provide a 'one-stop-shop' for all your security requirements.