Colour Cameras

Generally the accepted standard for most installations where good lighting is available, the move towards colour cameras is enhancing the identification capabilities of CCTV and adding greatly to the amount of information that can be derived from the picture.

High resolution fixed colour cameras are suitable for most internal applications and some external applications (dependent on light conditions). There are a large number of fixed colour cameras available, which can be installed within various applications.

Most of the cameras we use at BDI Security Solutions Ltd use advanced CCD (charge coupled device) technology which offers a high degree of reliability with consequent need for very little maintenance.

Inherent in CCD technology is the 'electronic iris' facility, which automatically adjusts the sensitivity using the camera's electronics. This feature can offer financial savings in internal applications by enabling ordinary manual iris lenses to be used. At the same time, the lack of moving parts increases reliability and saves on maintenance costs.

Automatic white balance is also provided, ensuring that realistic colour balance is maintained under a variety of lighting conditions.