Remote Monitoring

CCTV on its own can be a useful deterrent to crime. CCTV combined with a professionally delivered remote monitoring service, however, takes the effectiveness of CCTV to a new level, as well as reducing costs.

Remote monitoring comprises of two key elements:

  • CCTV
  • An off-site monitoring centre or Head Office

The CCTV system can be linked to the remote monitoring centre by standard ISDN telephone lines broadband connection. Irrespective of the distance involved, the monitoring centre can watch over the remote site or sites, at a fraction of the cost of traditional security measures such as manned guards.

How does Remote video monitoring work?

When an alarm linked to the CCTV is triggered (by any number of detection devices), pictures are automatically transmitted down a telephone line and received at the monitoring station. Here an operator reviews the images, assesses what is happening, and determines what action to take. This may involve alerting a nearby mobile patrol or the police, or simply warning off the intruders by a two-way audio system the result the intruders leave the site.

Typical Applications

Remote video monitoring can be used in a wide range of situations:

  • Storage centres with perimeter fencing
  • Large sites with gatehouses
  • Vehicle storage compounds
  • Goods yards
  • Unmanned high-risk sites - e.g. utilities
  • Road hauliers