Access Control


BDI Security Solutions have available a varied range of turnstiles ideally suited for most external and internal applications, all of which will provide many years of trouble free operation.

They can be an efficient solution for pedestrian access control and security in industrial, commercial or sports facilities.

Available as:

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    Single full height

  • BDi – Footer Eye Image Logo

    Double full height

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    Internal and external installations

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    Uni directional or Bi directional

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    Mechanical or Electro-mechanical control

Full Height Turnstile

Manufactured to the highest specifications, BDI Security Solutions provide a range of full height bi-directional turnstiles provide effective control and preventing unauthorised pedestrian access to secure areas.

Suitable for installation internally or externally, the BDI Security Solutions range of full height turnstiles have proved particularly effective when used in perimeter fence lines and in conjunction/combination with disabled access gates.

Turnstile Configuration

All turnstiles are offered in trombone or straight arm configuration. Units can be manufactured to integrate/incorporate disabled or pedestrian access/egress gates. Versatility is one of BDI Security Solutions key strengths and we are able to design and manufacture special or bespoke/site specific units on application.

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